Many businesses are turning to mobile device management (MDM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to better secure, manage, and support the variety of devices their employees use.

Mobile devices have transformed the way we interact with applications and content in our personal lives and now end users want that experience at work. To meet this growing demand, IT requires an enterprise mobility management solution to provision the apps and content users want, while maintaining privacy and data security

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Tablets and smartphones are changing the way we work. Connecting and collaborating on the go, accessing data from anywhere and being able to stay in touch with the intranet around the clock offers new and exciting possibilities. To benefit from these possibilities modern businesses are in need of a comprehensive solution that allows for secure and effective Mobile Device Management (MDM). IT2U offers exactly that. Our MDM solutions are a smart and offer an easy way to manage all mobile devices, be it in-house or BYOD.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Despite all of the advantages that have been gained since companies started utilizing complex apps on smartphones and tablets, the risk of losing critical corporate data has only increased. In no way is the risk of exposure limited to specific weak spots on certain operating systems. These complex demands are actively answered by our solutions for Data Loss Prevention with comprehensive DLP functionalities that protect corporate data, without ever touching personal user data on the end user devices.

In addition to MDM and DLP solutions, IT departments should implement the following strategies to offer the best protection of corporate information in a mobile environment:

  1. Regular data backups, which are also regularly tested for recoverability
  2. User education on DLP and MDM
  3. Application of data classification standards
  4. Enforcement of information assurance policies
  5. Use of MDM and DLP software

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