IT2U provide archiving solutions which help to reduce operational costs while enforcing retention and record-keeping policies in compliance with internal, industry and government regulations.

Our archiving solutions enable you to take advantage of automated, policy-based archiving of inactive and duplicate file content to free up primary storage capacity and leverage lower-cost tiered storage.

We specialize in providing professional services around our Backup and Archiving product suites – from presales, initial design and analysis, to implementation.

Our core offerings are based around:

  • Email Archiving
  • Office 365
  • File / Data Archiving
  • SharePoint Archiving
  • Archive Compliance
  • GDPR / Reporting

IT2U also offer consultant led services for the following:

  • Exchange / 365
  • EMC Data Domain and ECS
  • Archive and Backup migrations
  • Support and training

Find out more by contacting a member of our team today.

Why Archive?

IT2U provide archiving solutions that are available for both on-premise and the cloud. Typically we provide solutions that archive data from Exchange, 365, File Servers and social media content.

IT2U provides robust information management to help you reduce storage costs by reclaiming valuable primary storage space. It also helps reduce litigation risks by accelerating data search processes.

Reduce Cost

IT2U solutions can help customers to reduce the overall cost of data ownership in two ways.
They can reduce primary storage costs by archiving aged email and information content to the less costly storage tiers and they can also reduce the costs associated with data and information discovery during legal and eDiscovery processes.

Reduce Legal and Compliance Risks

When it comes to litigation readiness, speed and efficiency matter, our solutions allow customers to properly index and search relevant business data with industry leading technologies.

Email Management for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Email Management for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 helps customers to reduce operational costs while enforcing email record-keeping policies in compliance with internal governance as well as industry and government regulations.
Our solutions improve user productivity, providing seamless access to archived content. Proactive information management helps with litigation readiness.
A centralized archive accelerates high-volume discovery searches and enables secure legal holds. In addition, archiving of PST files assures complete and accurate discoveries.

File Systems

File System data archiving enables organizations to manage unstructured file content efficiently.
Our solutions allow you to adopt flexible archiving policies and leverage a centrally managed repository to efficiently manage unstructured content.

Overall, you can reduce storage costs, meet corporate compliance and regulatory mandates, and avoid losing sight of unstructured content.

Microsoft SharePoint

Our solutions to archive data from Microsoft SharePoint enhances SharePoint performance, reduces storage costs, and extends control and governance to SharePoint content without impacting end users’ experience.

Through SharePoint archiving, you can move inactive content to a single archive for unstructured content and manage it under a single policy management structure.
Microsoft SharePoint archiving addresses both your operational and governance needs.



DELL EMC SourceOne – End of Life (EOL EOSL)

Do you use Dell EMC SourceOne for email archiving?
If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you might also be aware that Dell are retiring EMC SourceOne with the End of Service Life being December 2024.

What you need to do
Now is the time to setup a project to migrate your legacy email data from Dell / EMC SourceOne to 365.
IT2U can facilitate this and provide you with an end to end migration solution. Not only do we move the data to the cloud, but we can also automate many of the other associated tasks that need to happen during a migration, not least of which is communicating to the end-user what’s happening, when, and what will happen next.

Why Migrate?
On-prem Exchange development will eventually cease and 365 will be the only Email offering, also, the Microsoft Exchange Journaling is likely to become a metered and chargeable offering which will be based on a seeded capacity, once a customer exceeds seeded capacity, consumption meters will kick in.
Emails are captured by third-party archiving products by enabling Journaling, and as Journaling may not be an option going forward the correct migration path is to 365 and use the inbuilt 365 compliance and retention features.
Our recommendations to migrate archiving solutions to 365 do not only apply to DELL EMC SourceOne, but to all Email archiving solutions.
It is important to create a project plan for migration, delaying this decision could introduce security risks, create staffing challenges. IT leaders need to act quickly to identify an alternative and to safely move all existing data to avoid business disruption.

Why IT2U?
​​​​​​​IT2U can simplify your migration from Dell EMC SourceOne to Microsoft 365, we have migrated thousands of mailboxes from SourceOne to 365. Our migration tools have been designed to simplify the migration approach and has granular settings, you decide what to migrate and to where.
Contact us today for a free assessment that can help you determine how much Dell EMC SourceOne data you will need to migrate.

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