DELL EMC SourceOne Proactive Monitoring

You or your customers may have invested in a SourceOne solution, IT2U proactive monitoring ensures that you fully realise that investment.
Most organisations’ IT departments are being asked to deliver more and more at lower cost. Front line services (MS Exchange, Finance systems, Customer systems) have to take priority. The archive system has lower priority and may not get the attention it requires to operate effectively and efficiently.

IT2U offer a Proactive Monitoring service which centres around monthly Health check and automated weekly reports with recommendations for action to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the archive.

Being Proactive is defined as being in control of a situation, service or system at all times rather than reactively responding to any incidents after they occur.
Business Services and Solutions are only effective if they provide a sustained and consistent delivery. DELL EMC SourceOne Proactive Monitoring Services ensure that issues can be quickly identified and corrective actions taken to remedy the issue, preventing failures and system outages.

Weekly status reports are produced which include health status of the SourceOne system being monitored, capacity planning, archive and index status and job monitoring. The weekly status reports will also include recommendations on action required to resolve any issues found.
Actively monitoring EMC SourceOne servers and operations leads to a reduction in failures related to with storage, indexing and every day archive, journaling and short-cutting operations.

Monitoring of Log files, CPU usage, Storage utilization, and operational tasks provides clear information that allows the prevention or resolution of issues before they affect daily operations and cause possible system outages.

Proactive monitoring also provides detailed information about the use of the SourceOne system and allows clients to visually see benefits from the implementation of the solution.

Storage and server utilisation reports allow clients to plan well in advance for capacity increments required to meet the archive policy.
For more information about Pro-Active Monitoring please contact us.

How the Service Works

The Pro-active Monitoring team will conduct an initial Health Check of the system which will provide a thorough and detailed overview of the current system.
Any immediate issues will usually be reported to the customer and may be resolved at this time*.
The Monitoring team will implement scripts which will be executed at set times on a daily basis and send the results automatically by email to the SourceOne Proactive Monitoring Team.

The Pro-active Monitoring team will carry out regular (monthly) remote access to the SourceOne system by way of VPN or Webex. This will help ensure that the EMC SourceOne solution remains fully operational.

(*Simple issues may be resolved as part of the Health check. The Pro-active Monitoring team will report any other issues as part of the Health check. The customer may choose to report the issue to EMC Support for resolution. Alternatively, an indicative price for resolution of the issue will be included with the Health check.)
The team will provide detailed reports* on the Health of the SourceOne system. Certain issues discovered may be resolved by the Pro-active Monitoring team depending on the level of Pro-Active Monitoring Service purchased by the customer**.

(* This service makes use of some of the standard reports available with SourceOne. Customers must be on this version to gain the full benefit of the reporting. The Monitoring Team can quote for upgrading the customer to the latest SourceOne version.

(** This offering is primarily a proactive monitoring service and is not designed to replace EMC Support. When specialist SourceOne skills are required then the Pro-active Monitoring team may act on behalf of the customer and enlist the services of EMC Support and EMC Engineering using the customers SourceOne Support contract.)

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