What is SearchOne?

The SearchOne product suite offers a number of bespoke connectors to enhance the current functions of your DELL EMC SourceOne archive solution. The SearchOne integrated Outlook search allows for seamless access to archived content from within the MS Outlook application, and the use of an industry leading index engine allows end users to search across millions of archived objects in seconds.

The SearchOne Archive Reports Suite help customers gain insight into their archived data as well as meet regulatory needs. Focussing on GDPR regulations, a number of core reports have been developed to allow customers to gain access to important company and user information, additional customer specific reports can also be created.

SearchOne Archive Delegation Console allows IT to delegate, manage and control access to archived data, every access granted is audited and reports can be generated for all searches performed by end users or compliance officers.


Fast archive search and Outlook integration

The SearchOne search feature is integrated within the Outlook application, this provides a seamless experience for end users to search, view or restore archived emails. The updated index engine means that we can significantly improve search speeds, typically we can search across millions of archived records in a few seconds.

Additional enhancements include the ability to export search results in CSV format, preview messages in HTML format and forward multiple messages to another user directly from the archive search.

Key Features:

  • SearchOne archive connector for DELL EMC SourceOne search
  • Search millions of archived items in seconds
  • Outlook search integration
  • Enhanced audit reports
  • Archive delegation console
  • GDPR based reports

Contact IT2U today, we can provide a demonstration of SearchOne and can also offer a free proof of concept.

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