Bespoke Solutions

IT2U can provide industry leading consultants who are focused on creating bespoke solutions based around Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. These include Outlook plugins, Office 365 mail-apps and solutions based on Exchange Web Services.

If you have a bespoke solution requirement for integration with MS Outlook or Exchange then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

DELL EMC SourceOne Outlook Search Plugin.

The example above shows an Outlook plugin that opens a Web page directly from within the MS Outlook application. Our customer had a requirement which would complement their DELL EMC SourceOne archiving solution and allow end users to search for their archived data directly from within the Outlook application. We developed a EMC SourceOne plugin that created an icon in the Outlook ribbon bar, the icon when clicked can open up to 5 web URLs which are shown in a dropdown menu.

If you have a requirement for a similar or advanced feature then please contact us at

Feel free to download and trial our MS Outlook Web Plug-in

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